One of the more obscure changes that the upgrade to the Special Edition brought was the change to FORM VERSION. Classic Skyrim plugins have Form Version 43 whereas Special Edition plugins have Form Version 44. The exact meaning of this change was not discovered yet, however running plugins with Form Version 43 in SSE has been linked to (false) save game corruption and other issues.

Therefore we will re-save all plugins with Form Version 43 in the Creation Kit to update them for SSE.


  • Launch the Creation Kit through Mod Organizer 2 (picture).
  • Click the little folder icon to select your plugin (picture).
  • Find your plugin in the list, check it and click Select as Active File (picture).
  • Also check all its masters, then click OK (picture).
  • Wait for the Creation Kit to load your plugins.
  • Click the disc icon to save the plugin (picture).
  • Close the Creation Kit. Done!