In order to cut down on the total plugin count, you can flag some of your plugins as ESL. They will function exactly like before but no longer count toward the plugin limit. All mods that may be flagged as ESL are marked in the guide. If you are not worried about ever hitting the plugin limit, you can skip this.

The downside to ESL-ifying plugins is that zEdit patchers apparently cannot properly access them which is why we will only ESL-ify plugins that will not be touched by those patchers anyway.


Open the plugin in xEdit

  • Launch xEdit through MO2.
  • In the plugin selection window, right-click and click Select all.
  • Hit OK.
  • Wait for xEdit to load up your plugin list.
  • Once xEdit returns Background Loader: finished, you may proceed.

Add ESL flag

  • Right-click the plugin you wish to ESL-ify and select Compact FormIDs for ESL.
    • Please note that this is not required for all mods and xEdit will occasionally notify you that nothing was done.
  • Be thorough. Right-click the plugin again and select Check for errors. Nothing should come up.
  • Now double-click the plugin and click on File Header.
  • Right-click the empty field next to Record Flags and select Edit (picture).
  • Check ESL and click OK (picture).
  • Close xEdit and make sure only the plugin you ESL-ified appears in the list. It should be checked.