Depending on the preset and your PC specs, ENBSeries will have a moderate to large impact on performance which can be adjusted by tweaking features or toggling some off completely.

Because ENB hooks directly into the engine, it is however capable of many advanced features that make the performance impact worth it.


  • Download the latest ENBSeries binaries here.
  • Open the archive and move the following three files into your root folder:
    • d3d11.dll
    • d3dcompiler_46e.dll
    • enblocal.ini

The enblocal.ini is by default configured the way we want it (fixes on, VSYNC / FPS lock off).


4.3.1 Recommendations

I suggest using Visceral ENB, Rudy ENB or Aequinoctium ENB, all of which are stunningly beautiful.

While Rudy ENB is particularly performance-intense, both Aequinctium ENB and Visceral ENB are remarkably lightweight considering how beautiful they are. Both were created with playable performance in mind. You can also tone down some settings (such as Ambient Occlusion) in Rudy ENB to get similar performance at the cost of visual fidelity.

Of course you can find plenty more ENB presets on the Nexus. Keep in mind that your preset must be compatible with your chosen weather overhaul.

4.3.2 Installation instructions

  • Download your chosen ENB preset (make sure to download the version for Aequinoctium Weathers).
  • Open the archive and move the enbseries folder as well as all files beginning with¬†enb into your root folder.
    • When asked to overwrite your enblocal.ini, select No.