This is just a quick idiot check to make sure all your plugins are updated to form version 44.

13.1.1 Instructions

  • Launch SSEEdit through Mod Organizer 2.
  • Click OK when the plugin selection window comes up to select all plugins.
  • Click OK again when asked about mod groups.
  • Wait until xEdit returns Background loader: finished.
  • Right-click anywhere and select Apply script.
  • Select the Check for old form version script (you can search by typing the name in Filter).
  • Click OK.


  • Download Universal Load Order TXT manually from the guide’s mod page.
  • Open the archive and extract the loadorder.txt to Mod Organizer 2\profiles\{Your Profile}.
  • Overwrite when prompted.
  • Refresh (F5) Mod Organizer 2 and the load order changes will be applied.


Please ensure that the EARLY LOADER section in your mod order looks exactly as shown below.

13.3.1 Early Loader

  • Static Mesh Improvement Mod
  • DynDOLOD Resources SE
  • HD LOD Textures 1k – for DynDOLOD
  • HD LOD Textures 1k – Update
  • Skyrim High Definition LODs – Darker and Grassy
  • xLODGen – SSE-Terrain-Tamriel ESM


  • Download the VISUALS – Conflict Resolution Patch from the guide’s mod page.
  • Place it below the CONFLICT RESOLUTION separator in Mod Organizer 2.

13.5 MERGE

  • Merge the patches for Landscape Fixes for Grass Mods (instructions).


13.6.1 Preparations

  • Go to {Your Modding Folder}\ARCHIVE and find the ENB Lights archvie.
  • Open it and extract enbLightPatcher_zedit0.2.7z to {Your Modding Folder}\temp.
  • Right-click the archive and select Extract.
  • Repack the archive as ZIP. Unfortunately zEdit doesn’t appear to recognize other formats.

13.6.2 Installing the patcher

  • Launch zEdit through Mod Organizer 2.
  • Click Start Session and OK when the Load Order window comes up.
  • Click this icon in the upper right corner.
  • Select Install Module.
  • Navigate to {Your Modding Folder}\temp and double-click enbLightPatcher.zip.
  • zEdit will notify you that a restart is necessary for the changes to be applied. Click Restart now.
  • Once again, click Start Session and OK when the Load Order window comes up.
    • If it doesn’t restart automatically, go back to MO2 and start zEdit from there.

13.6.3 Running the patcher

  • When everything is loaded back up, click this icon in the upper right corner.
  • Select ENB Light Patcher in the list on the left to customize the patcher:
    • Torch Light Divisor: Set to 1 (this slightly increases the torch light radius so that it’s actually visible)
  • Click the blue Build button for the ENB Light Patcher.

13.6.4 Output

  • After generating your new ENBLight Patch.esp, you can close zEdit.
  • Save the new plugin when prompted.
  • Back in MO2, double-click your Overwrite and delete everything inside execpt for the new plugin.
  • Rght-click the Overwrite and select Create Mod.
  • Name your new mod ENB Light [Output].
  • Move the mod below the PATCHER OUTPUT separator in the left pane.
  • The plugin will appear at the very bottom of your load order where you should leave it.



THIS STEP IS NOT OPTIONAL. No, seriously. Go test your setup.

13.8.1 Start a new game

  • Make sure the DynDOLOD output is enabled (I keep forgetting that).
  • Launch SKSE through Mod Organizer 2.
  • In the main menu, select New.
  • After a loading screen, you will find yourself in the AS LAL cell where you can customize your character.
  • When done, talk to the Statue of Mara and select the I am camping in the woods option.
  • Go to the bed in the back of the cell and sleep.

13.8.2 Testing suggestions

  • You will spawn near Helgen in an area you probably know well. Take the time to look around.
  • Travel around Skyrim and visit your favorite locations. Keep an eye on your FPS meter.
    • Check out the console commands below.
  • Especially intense areas where you frame rate might drop are:
    • the southern forest, mostly when looking down at Falkreath
    • the swamp surrounding Morthal
    • the bridge looking at Riverwood
    • the Rift, particularly when approaching Riften from the south

13.8.3 Useful console commands

tgmtoggle god mode, you take no damage
tcltoggle collision, toggle it off to fly
player.setav speedmult {value}increase movement speed, default value is 100
tmm 1enables all map markers
showracemenuopens character creation menu