The Phoenix Flavour is fully modular. Each module requires the ones installed before and supports all that come after. There are four modules in total: CORE, VISUALS, GAMEPLAY and CONTENT. After completing each module you have the choice to go off on your own and create your own mod list based on the modules you installed.

Please note that the CONTENT module has not been released yet.

All included mods were checked for errors and inconsistencies. Patches are provided at the end of each. Throughout the guide you will make use of multiple tools and learn how to handle them in order to create a stable, working setup.

I have written the guide to be accessible and easy to understand. If you do run into issues, you are very welcome to join us on Discord where our team and other users will be happy to help you out!


For this guide we will use Mod Organizer 2, the best and most feature-rich mod manager out there. If you find MO2’s UI intimidating, let me assure you that it is absolutely not rocket science and very intuitive once you have understood some basics about modding in general.

Vortex, the Nexus’ new mod manager, is neither supported nor recommended. It lacks many essential features plus the UI is atrocious. Mod Organizer 2 – although discontinued by Tannin, the original author – is regularly updated and improved by a fantastic team of developers.

Beyond MO2, we will also utilize the official Creation Kit as well as SSEEdit and mator’s zEdit with its zMerge / UPF modules.


All mods (and their plugins) are loaded in the order we install them in – for the most part. To keep your mod order neat and tidy, the guide comes with separators for Mod Organizer 2 and it is noted in each Step under which separator to place the next mods. Occasionally mods will be designated as EARLY or LATE LOADER, meaning they must be placed under the respective separator high up or far down in your mod order.

As for load order, you will download a pre-made loadorder.txt for Mod Organizer 2 which will automatically sort your plugins for this guide.


The Phoenix Flavour is only one of several modding guides for SSE. Full modding guides typically contain a list of 400+ mods, selected and edited to transform the game a certain way. Like most modlists, they are typically based on a specific mod or set of mods that function as cornerstone to define the world and gameplay.

To help you decide whether or not The Phoenix Flavour is the right chocie for you, I have written up a list containing all current modding guides. You can find it here. Please take a look before you proceed.