A Modular Modding Guide for Skyrim Special Edition



The guide consists of four modules – three of which are currently available – to cover all aspects of modding Skyrim. Each module is based on the previous ones.

Intuitive Layout

Page design was carefully crafted for best readability with a minimalistic approach and pastel colours to go easy on the eyes.

Simple Instructions

All instructions were written to be easy to understand for anyone – even if you don’t have any previous modding experience!

Vanilla-Plus Approach

In no part will the guide ever stray far from vanilla and the Elder Scrolls lore. Mods were selected to improve the core game and integrate seamlessly.

Discord Community

On our server you can request support if you struggle with any part of the guide as well as chat about modding and the guide in general.

Active Blog

Get all the latest about the guide and my future plans including polls where you can help shape the future of The Phoenix Flavour.

  • Based on Skyrim Special Edition 1.5.73 and SKSE64 2.0.15 (latest).
  • Frequently updated and expanded.
  • Features all best-practice methods common in Skyrim modding.
  • Flexible enough to support low- as well as high-end systems.
  • Generating tree, object and terrain LOD with SSELODGen and DynDOLOD.
  • Pre-made mod and load order as well as patches for all mods.